1st Seal. Young mage from african continent, enormous potential. granddaughter of global mage organization grandmistress.Not born with magic, which put her at odds with her mother. Her immediate family doesnt know what to do with her, except for the distant grandmother, who comes in and sees something in Akilah, immediately taking her(Akilah) under her(Grandma Turtle) wing.

Akilah has to work really hard to get her magics, and in the end is one of the most extraordinary and talented mages with a huge understanding of magic.


-Wants mages to use their skills to protect people from danger brought about by fighting kingdoms

-Is part of this organization created by Solomon and himself but is also under the jurisdiction of <African name for a council of mages> They have a dual supervisor, Inspr Vivienne from Dragon Age

Appearance- similar to human mage from dnd 5e

Family symbol is a turtle, has an amulet of a gold turtle

Young crush on a young fellgardian mage (Magnus Glapsvin). Theyre both awkward and shy around each other. Its adorable

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