young gibbs?

goes through a lot of conflict, so that he becomes really skilled at fighting

Son of a hardy human mother and a exiled wood elf forest sage (family name is Fiannadal, changed it to Tallstag so humans could pronounce it)

Solidly built at 6'0", the only hint of elvish heritage is a slight tilt to teh eyes and a point in his ears. Dark brown hair and green eyes. Beard. scar across cheek

Elf side has a powerful elf lord (inspiration Celebrimbor)( whose family had made a pact with a fey spirit, granting them mysterious powers at a price) and on his human side, a legendary ranger (Inspiration Talion)


Family heirloom sword-elvish name with connotations to ceranos teachings

Bright green cloak

First problem is that he is selfish

Moves from Imbalanced to Capable

Fear of being insignificant

A choice is given to him, to take the help of a fey spirit and be bound to a contract, or risk the lives of friends and countrymen and go without?

He takes the binding, essentially becoming a Oath of the Ancients pally with Archfey warlock pact

The Leader

Leaders are self-reliant and self-confident. They fear being controlled by others or by circumstances. They trust their gut, and can be impulsive. They are quick to assert themselves, sometimes trampling over others in the process. They may obsess over the acquisition and maintenance of power, ignoring their emotional needs in favor of conquest. They have a will to power, and can be ruthless, vengeful, and even sociopathic.

In the workplace, Leaders need autonomy. Many choose to be self-employed. Leaders are often entrepreneurs, executives, and lawyers. They thrive in positions of responsibility and authority, and love to tackle tough challenges.

At their worst, Leaders are controlling, domineering, and aggressive.

At their best, Leaders are confident, energetic, and protective.

-Is a follower of Ceranos first. Wants to be a priest like his father, who he barely knew, but then the farm and grove of his family is burnt by raiders. Stays with the knights of St Claire in their monastery fortresses, and decides later to stay with them, as teh long fight against the raiding parties makes him want to protect the people of the vale. Quiet, contemplative, naive desire to tend to nature is faced with grim and cruel reality. Faces prejudice from Elves for being half human and the son of an exile, and from the knights for being half elven and a Ceranite

takes it upon himself to protect the people of the Vale however he can, from overzealous Clairist knights to xenophobic elves to war mongering tribesmen

Was a child when The Shining invaded, and has grown up in the civil war between pro Anglia and Valemen

Anglia didnt send enough forces into the Vale during the massive orc and tribal raiding surge<which was fended off by a combined force of humans, elves, and dwarves co led by Garrics father and several others. Garrics father was also among the most strident pro Vale independence, and in the crackdown was killed(presumably, faked death and exiled himself). Knights of the Sentinel Tree(primary guardians of the Vale and mixed group of knights and various fighters of various faiths) were reorganized with majority Shining knights and minority Anglian knights, with the dominant religion being St Claire) and therefore there was a significant amount of unrest when Anglia called for conscripts during the Shining invasion. Anglia/Shining stepped in with an occupying force of Anglians and Confederacy forces.

-Son of a Ceranos priest, who was son to a Ceranos knight. Grandfather left extraordinarily good sword to father who didnt use it, and later comes to Garric. Hilt in the design of a megaloceros, Oak leaf designs in blade

Garric and Pax join the Valemen (inspr Far Cry 4)

Love interest is Liliana, Lily, Elf sorceress

Eventually rises to commander, mostly because everyone else dies in the battle between corrupted higher ups and the pure. Eventually has to deal with a rise in teh barbarian tribes, which is only a gathering in response to a terror that the shamans have foreseen. Introduce the barbarian leader, who started out similarly to Garric, might even know Garric. Leader wields stone warhammer and with it and diplomacy, gathered the orcs, gobins, orgres and other bestial creatures under his command.

Foils are Jorgens son Dag Holmquist(half Tianguoan and half Fellgardian) and Rania


--Garric is dealing with teh consequences of beneath, mysterious elf stranger (secretly his dad) comes in and talks to him

-Once identity is revealed , theres the anger, denial, and finally acceptance, where they share memories of Garrics mother

Pursues radical Ceranites without mercy

Because Radicals ruined critical moment that might have allowed Ceranites to worship in public

Caused Ceranites to be persecuted, they could either renounce their faith or die

Radicals see themselves as victims, which they are to a degree

Garric himself has to pledge himself to the Saints faith because he sees it as the only way to maintain teh dorredale resistance. Majority of Ceranites join him as he is the first to step forward, at his mothers urging.

Mother has to die because she wont renounce her faith, joined by several others

Lily and majority of other elves are between radicals and resistance

Garric later has a daughter with Lily

His Seal lenghtens his lifespan, reveal this fact later with the 1880s plotline, with him wielding a double bladed axe since he gifted his sword to his daughter.

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