Empire of cyclops , thriving underground societies ruled by minotaurs. Humans and elves are second class. Mixed worship of all gods by humans. Region consists of long peninsula and most of the archipelago of the Middle Sea. Capitol of country is former capitol of ancient elven empire. Big trade culture. Southern Europe Inspr. Ancient elven empire was taken over during their decline by cyclopses and minotaurs led by Arges the Betrayed (so called because an ancient elven sailor stuck a stake in his eye, according to myth) Local elves dream of a "free Avernios". Famous for turquoise waters and white sand beaches. Almost constantly at war with Ertugans. Later in 1800s ES is home to huge revolution effort by elves and humans, supported by Ertugans, Gallish, and Anglian.

Heraldry is bloody eye on hide

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