Called Cavalon

Kingdom of Rain, because it is almost always raining

Kaerbryn is Capitol city, a cursed city with demons and crazed people running the streets at night

Britainesque country east of Caledoon- Mostly worship BlaBluR. Marshes, forests, hills. Welsh and anglo saxon mix, made puppet state of Shining Confederation after war

Long ago, a family was cursed with a form of lycanthropy by a marsh witch. Attempts to keep the curse at bay and a secret failed, and soon the curse spread to all of nobility. A deal was struck with the witches daughter, who, although powerful, was not at the level of her mother. The daughter managed to diminish the curse to a degree. Now the mark of nobility is the ability to transform into a wolfish form and a certain irritability and gruffness, although of late the curse is thought to have returned in power, what with everydaymen showing aspects of lycanthropy.

Ruled by the Den

Heraldry is silver wolf on purple field with amber aspects

Intense rivalry with Gallataine, who have more skilled cavalrymen, but Anglia has better foot soldiers and mroe ruthless tactics

Occupies Caledoon

☀which is the home of the griffin riders, giants, rugged harsh mountains and deep valleys. Main mountain is one of the Twins, two mountains across each other separated by a big river flowing into western Dorredale.

Heraldry is bronze griffin on green field

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