Tianguo is in the middle.

Northeastern lands( islands chain of gentle, fertile and verdant plains) are inhabited by a group of humans .Polynesian ish?(Inspr Nomads)

To the West are the Forlorn Steppes- roamed by warlike, savage centaurs (Kharash)

Yamato Islands are home to humans, half orcs, and orcs. Ancestral homeland of the orcs, orcs who live here are inspired by oni, therefore possess inherent magical ability. Orcs and Humans live in relative peace, with individual houses going to war based on filial loyalty and honor, but not race. Creation myth that there were two brothers, one was the ancestor of humans and the other of orcs

Western mountain ranges home to tibet and nepal inspr land (Mostly from Shangri la from Far Cry 4) Red leaf trees everywhere, very spiritual people, affinity for the air. Waging war on demons coming through rips in reality, all the while a civil war is occuring between ogre mage overlords and humans

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