valley that is the home of the Dale Guard, mixed worship of WBluG and GWR Western portion has ancient stronghold/monastery Grove Watch in a smaller valley (inspr Fort Bard), Fort something or other. Darian Hill is the capital, split by the river Dorrey. Southern part of the valley was golden in the fall before the harvest with wheat

Heraldry is silver oak tree on green field

Wildlife: Forest Tauroceros

Knights Centurion- Rangers and knights of nature who guide people through the wilderness. In the begining, it was mostly Gallatain knights in exile, but with the influx of Fellgardian men at arms and knights, adventuring Mussovites and the occasional dwarf, its become something bigger. Rite of Horns is an initiation where knights to be have to tame a Tauroceros. Official purpose is to act as guides through the wilderness, and unofficially serves to protect frontier lands of all nations. aided frequently by well meaning centaur. Split between Garrick and his Ceranites, and Dag and Garm with their Ironwrought Knights ("Wreathed in Iron")

Skulls- Dorredale natives( humans, elves, and dwarves) who fight nasty and hard against Nostirim raiders, and wage guerilla warfare against Shining occupation. Reaper is their leader, mysterious dark cloaked figure who fights unarmed or with staff. All wear skull shaped helmets or masks. Eventually fall under the Ironwrought Knights

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