Hannah Craig

Antje Traue Inspiration hybrid Mary Read. Works as a global Marshal. Ygritte was not ready to be a parent when she conceived Hannah, but she couldn't have an abortion. She sent Hannah to live with Thom. Hannah has Ygritte's cold, wicked personality and Thom's great heart. ONE WORD: DRAGON


Has a wide, crooked grin. Short, black hair. Bright green eyes. Natalie Dormer to Mary Read/Alicia Coppola


Has the same vision of Thom and Will. 

Personality: Sara Kerrigan and Jim Raynor relationship with Dain

Thomas’ illegitimate daughter, doesn't know its thom, resentful about father not being there for her and mother. Works for Kalgagan intelligence.  Has a bit of McGonagall personality from her mom. Has a mixed glare of Rhona and Thom, and has nose shape somewhere between Thom and Rhona, also has the same disinterested facial expression as her mother, half lidded eyes, crooked smile. She can’t cook! Does have a girly side, don't make her a die hard warrior. Is skilled with weapons but has not killed. Great shot with most guns, very well versed in technology. Inspired by Borderlands Siren. Eventually comes to terms with herself, and is semi Anne Hathaway Catwoman and grows more into Alicia Coppola’s Talia Hale . More stealth, more tact, more politics…

needs somebody to trust in and to trust her. Corruption and betrayal in teh Marshal Service has jaded her.

Relationship inspir by Cassandra and Cullen duo relationship.

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