If given a mtg color- itd be RBluW- emphasis on R
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Half orc daughter of prominent orc shaman and Ymiran mage. Sensitive to magic

Ymiran mage was sister to Freya and Hrongar, Jesa is niece to Freya

prefers action to words, heart of gold( that, unknown to her, calls for a closer communion with the spirits of nature), extremely forgiving, protective of friends and family, stubborn, when angered or pressured becomes super focused and unstoppable,

Raised by Hrongar. Is thin and lithe.

Blue grey skin, is thin, but lithe.small horns Grows to almost 6 and a half feet tall, , has thickened out. Inspr Shepherd playing with baby krogan

wears mail coat, uses a glaive (is wicked fast), upgrades to orcish naginata (brutal blade at the end

protoleadership traits- rebellious, doesnt like overbearing authority

End result- In war, leads in orcish armor plate, very powerful with spear and elemental magic. Good leader inspr

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