Khron- Kroganesque race that is an ancient race predating humanity and elvendom. Mix of tortoise, saurian,and rhinoceros.  Sorta like if a krogan, armadillo lizard and a argonian had a child in a weird threesome. Used to dominate Eluwa until huge cataclysm destroyed much of the world. One faction made an earthpact with their variations of Ceranos and Aranoth, which caused their civilization to fall into the desert. Thousands of years later they re emerged from the sands, only to realize their time in such contact with the earth gave them earthy aspects to their physique. By that time the Intaba Empire was still growing, and a war broke out when the Khron found former Khron cities inhabited by humans. The war was brutal, with powerful Intaba magic meeting its match in the magic resistant . An uneasy truce rests now. Inhabits the rocky wasteland south of Ertugan and central Intaba. Super survivalists, dragon like in some aspects, they are a fierce and pragmatic race.

Capitol city is Korgan. is inspiration

Split off cousins also survived cataclysm and conquered the humans of the hot tropical continent to the West.

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