Country is GUR, heavy in mysticism

made up of the lighter, friendly forested areas, and the northern forests of pine and home to fickle spirits. Home of the dragon riders. Remain in good contact with the dwarves. Mixed worship of WBluG and RGBla. . Dragons are beings of magic, and exposed time to the dragons causes the riders to exhibit traits( physical and psychological) of their dragons and vise versa. riders have limited magical capabilities, and are highly resistant to fire. Mussovy stretches far enough east to touch Tianzhang, citizens of that part of the Empire look more Tianese.

Dread Lady "The Shining Lady" Tsarovna Sophia Petrovna Morozov- leader of the dragon riders. Rides Perun , gold dragon with feathers breaths separate breaths of thunder and lightning

Dread Lord Alexei Ivanevitch Sukolov- Rides Veles, dark dragon with fur breaths cone of cold and mist breath. Veles dislikes Perun, and through their connection Alexei grows to dislike Sophia, but fights against this instinct. Wields heavily enchanted staff

Dread Lord______________- rider of Svarog, looks cut from mountain, crude, blunt, blocky insp-Kaltenzehn, breaths fire. chief supporter of Sophia

Dread Lady ______________- Rider of Triglav, dragon with three heads

Dread Lord _______________- Rider of Jarilo, bright green dragon who blasts green flame that gives new plant life in it's wake. Oldest Rider.

Dread Lady_______________-Rider of Morena, blasts cone of cold

Heraldry is seven brass dragons on red field

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