Craggy, northern land. Nordish Peninsulaish. large enough and distant enough from rest of Norstyr to almost be considered entirely separate. Worship of Alaunus prevalent. North east is set aside specifically for troll population, which has tenuous relationship with rest of mostly human population. Ymirans and Fellgardians have a bad relationship because a significant portion of Eastern and northern fellgardians went missing only for their descendents to appear as modern Ymirans after unknown phenomenon regarding the leyline going through northern most mountain range. Known as a refuge to mages.Alaric, Solomon and Magnus. Main mountain is northern Twin. depends on Tianguo trade heavily, even has a district just for Tianese traders and residents. Tianese/ Fellgardian mixes are fairly common. Mages traditionally tore out their eye and partially hung themselves and wore a wide brimmed hat, just as the image of their incarnation of Alaunus (inspr odin). This tradtition has become less and less popular

North is called Utgard, south is Raunheim

Heraldry is two ravens on a blue field

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