Thesians-Anthalmyr- Or the Enduring- Forerunner/quarian appearance. Metallic skin tones ranging from steel grey to shining gold skin, black or pale eyes, flattened noses occasional green or blue eyes. Somewhat prominant canine fangs. horns that are a singular shape that extendfrom teh middle of teh forehead and back. legs and feet like quarians. Extremely skilled with stone, masonry, and runic and leyline magic. MMagic technology for rock air ships. Part of culture that had been banished by some force into the Aether for some huge offence. Known for their artificers and lithomancers. Skilled with gem crafting and infusing gems with magic. Ancient Runic magic glows orange. Called Aetherians by Primelanders. Warriors are Spartanish, Enchanted Stone spears and swords, huge round shields. Most communities are ruled by theocratic counsel. Most Thesians are religious, with their goddess having been moral, emotional, and spiritually supporting during their trial in the Aether

Previous civilization had been in a continent not yet discovered or explored completely, to teh north and west.

In the beginning, before Aurastas came into her own, the magisters of the civilization had to make pacts and deals with otherworldly creatures for their survival, leading to the Thesians as they are today

Typically wear heavy clothing to cover themselves, both because they tend to live in harsh cold climates and to represent their brothers and sisters oppressed by different nations in their Entrance. Clothing and architecture have balance of squared shapes that bend and twist

Those not under the control of the Muscovites live in their lithopoli above the Northern Wastes, more warlike.

Those that rise from Mussovy are more peaceful

By 1890s period they had unified, but are still split between two modes of thought. Architecture and technology look like the purifier art theme from sc2 lotv( white and black metal or material, with golden rune magic/ rune tech coursing through them

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